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Another example (as you are struggling with LA, use a 64bit os btw) would be MechWarrior Online : https://mwomercs.com/

This is a free2play title based on CryEngine 3 (Dx9 or Dx11 rendering), principally a multiplayer game of large robotic tanks fighting it out but there is also ‘Testing Grounds’ mode which is a single person experience design for you to try out the game mechanics and different chassis on offer. So you can install this with no cost and play a demo mode by yourself without distraction from other players.

MWO has an interesting effect with the Tobii EyeX because in the initial menus configuring the game, the settings, your customisations and loadouts etc the gaze interaction seems to function. However when you launch into a battle or the single player testing grounds it all stops working. Again it would appear that when the game shifts into its DirectX mode the EyeX cannot use its Windows Control.

The point here is I think to give players enough control options to setup and configure EyeX to work with basic gaze features (like teleport) in all games, and then for 3rd parties to work on the special features and interactions. You don’t want to follow TrackIR’s example of having to use an SDK to get even basic functionality because it fails to get enough support in enough titles.

What happened to the DeusEX:HR demo with Gaze interaction?