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I want to add some info to the instructions Grant has given you, but beforehand, I apologise if my english it’s somewhat broken (It’s not my mother tongue)

You must install Visual Studio to get this working, of course, but it’s very important that you also have two workloads installed with it:

  1. The .NET desktop development workload
  2. The Universal Windows Platform workload

In order to explain it simply, these are “configurations and presets” packages that are going to enable some functionalities you will need in order to have propperly working the Tobii Core SDK. If you don’t install the first one, the NuGet package manager will not import the Tobii libraries in your project/solution, ergo, you won’t be able to use the SDK. Also, VS won’t display the C# Console App (Located on the “desktop windows” submenu) project preset that you are trying to create.

If you don’t install the second Workload, the NuGet Package Manager will not appear at all in VS.

I had spent almost 20 hours on figuring this out on Visual Studio 2017. I hope my recomendation can help you a little more 🙂

P.S.: There’s a video about how to install the Workflows. I will leave it right here…