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Thanks Grant. I hate to say it but the problem has resurfaced. However I believe I now know the true problem. It is the cable connecting the built in Tobii in my Acer Nitro VN793G laptop to the motherboard.

I thought that the cable might need re seating and carefully took the laptop back off and did so. The problem disappeared and the Tobii worked for quite a number of hours before dropping out again this morning. I believe that due to the positioning of the cable in the laptop it is being affected by heat. Basically a bad design on Acer’s part.

This cable has this written on its tag: Neptune Eyetracking 450.0B107.0011

Any ideas where I can buy one as a replacement? I really do not want to go to Acer as they have customer service equivalent to a flying house brick.

Appreciate any info you or anyone else can provide. Cheers.