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Grant [Tobii]

Hi @yunon and thanks for your query. I am afraid that the ability to move the mouse cursor according to gaze location is not a feature exposed within the Core SDK as the primary intention for interaction use is to work alongside existing traditional peripherals rather than replacing them.

You should consider there are several issues when trying to fully emulate the mouse via Eye Tracking such as the inherently ‘noisy’ signal from EyeGaze due to small natural movements in the eye and the inability to resolve millimetre level of locations which are necessary for using a mouse in a standard Windows Environment (ie not using large button, etc).

That being said, you can always set cursor position manually using .NET in a very rudimentary fashion – https://stackoverflow.com/questions/25694208/c-sharp-wpf-application-net-4-5-set-mouse-position and thereafter use the proper gaze aware elements within Core SDK for more refined interaction.

You might also be interested to checkout this 3rd party tool Project IRIS @ http://iris.xcessity.at/ which attempts some mouse emulation also.

If you would care to describe your project intention, perhaps we can find an optimal solution for your needs that does not require you to move the mouse cursor in this fashion.