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Hi, I am using just a Visual Studio Code to modify the cpp file, and Ubuntu 16.04, with ROS kinetic.
I was getting error with error = tobii_wait_for_callbacks( NULL, 1, &device ); when I was trying to compile the file, so I just changed to error = tobii_wait_for_callbacks( 1, &device ); I’m not sure if it will work.

And I could compile it, and now I am running the code, but I get stuck when I try to get the url. It looks like url stays as 0 when I run tobii_enumerate_local_device_urls, so I cannot keep going. It seems like it does not recognize the device. I checked with lsusb if the device was connected, and it was. So now, I don’t really know how to keep going with no errors in the code, but it can’t find the device..