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David Putrino

Still not working.

I followed the link you provided, and downloaded the Tobii Gaze Interaction Software 2.5.2 file (http://www.tobii.com/Global/Assistive/Downloads_Training_Documents/GazeInteractionSoftware/Software/Tobii_Gaze_Interaction_Software_Enterprise_2.5.2.8.msi?epslanguage=en). When I ran it, the installer detected that the version of Tobii Gaze Interaction Software I already have installed was the same as the one I just downloaded. To be sure, I removed my copy of Tobii Gaze Interaction Software and reinstalled it from the downloaded file, but was given any means to upgrade the firmware. The upgrade button in the System Information tab remains greyed out, and the text to the left of it reads Eye tracker firmware version: 1.1.4.

Is there something I need to be doing differently? Is there any way we can just download the 1.1.5 firmware tobiipkg file and install it using fwupgrade32.exe?

Thanks! The contents of my System Information tab is as follows (acquired using the Copy Information button)

Gaze Interaction Software:
Gaze Interaction Settings:
Operating System version: Windows 7 X64, 6.1.7601 ,SP 1
Eye tracker serial number: PCEGO-010114814393
Eye tracker firmware version: 1.1.4