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samuel adams

that is the correct card you found.

i tried downloading the drivers you recommended
(Asmedia ASM-104x/107x Drivers Version

i get the error
“the asmedia asm104x usb 3.0 host controller was not found”

yet i can plug in a usb thumbdrive into the 3.0 card i added and see the files just fine so i know the card is not broken.

do i have to uninstall the previous drivers before installing these new drivers because i didn’t do that….

what is the best way to uninstall drivers for a add on card like this one when there are sooooo many usb ones to choose from in device manager under universal serial bus controller. I’m not sure which one’s belong to this card.

im assuming its the ones that say “via usb 2 hub, via usb 3 root hub, via usb extensible host controller”

but there are 4x 3.0 usb in’s on the back of the card, should it show 4 of them or is that under the usb 3 root hub category, also why would it say via usb 2 hub when it’s a 3.0 card….backwards compatible is why?