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Currently using version, I don’t know how many were between this and the current one that have actually been released.

You missed the then.

With the newest version I noticed that the eye movement in ED(Horizons) is a bit sluggish while in the previous version it was fluent for me on default settings.

We switched from using VJoy to the FreeTrack protocol in E:D. There are a number of benefits of doing this (e.g. not having to mess around with configuration files etc) and the FreeTrack-implementation is also much more responsive since there is no input smoothing done on FreeTrack data as opposed to joystick input data. It might feel a bit less smooth but it should definitely feel a lot more responsive so I’m very surprised to hear you say that if feels sluggish. The default settings for ED was changed last minute and I agree that it might be a bit on the slow side. Have you tried changing the settings?

In game button to lock the eye gazing doesn’t work setting it up in the control features in IFS doesn’t take the right HOTAS key I normally use (the I button on my throttle on the X55 Rhino).

In game hotkeys should not be necessary (I guess ED doesn’t allow for “resetting” head trackers) but setting up bindings with your X55 should work (our tests are done with the X52 but in this regard they’re essentially the same). Which button are you trying to bind to?

I haven’t reinstalled the newest version yet to try if the sluggish control will be gone if I use my current settings cause I cant lock the gaze with the new version.

Dont know if anyone else had the same problems I had and also would like to know if there is a place we can download older drivers to roll back to if need be.

You can find download links to all previous version of ISE here.