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    I’m new to the eye tracking too.
    I have Tobii X2-60 Eye Tracker. Can I bring the stream data from Tobii X2-60 Eye Tracker to my application by using the EyeX SDK?


    Jenny [Tobii]

    @aniketsaki: Yes, the Tobii Pro X2-60 is an analytics eye tracker, and its designated SDK is the Analytics SDK.

    Aniket Sakinala

    Thanks for the timely response.Just to make sure, are Tobii Pro X2-60 and X2-60 the same? If so, then I can use only the Analytics SDK? And if not, then I have no SDK to go with X2-60?

    Jenny [Tobii]

    Hi @aniketsaki,
    The EyeX Engine uses the Gaze SDK to connect to the eye tracker. And since the Gaze SDK cannot connect to a network tracker like the X2-60 (as explained in the #3673 reply above), unfortunately you cannot use the X2-60 with the Tobii EyeX software, engine or SDK’s.

    Aniket Sakinala

    Hi @jenny, I’m having similar problems. I’m using the X2-60 as well but I have the EyeX SDK 1.6 and Tobii EyeX 2.0.2 The eye tracker is detected and works fine in Tobii Studio and Eye Tracker Browser. However, the EyeX fails to detect it. Henceforth, I think, none of the SDK samples are able to pick any events. They all build and run but there is no interaction.

    From EyeX:
    Eye tracker model: NA
    Firmware version: NA
    EyeX Controller driver version: 2.0.0
    Service version
    EyeX Engine version:
    EyeX Config version:
    EyeX Interaction version:

    From Eye Tracking Settings:
    Model name: X2-60_Compact
    Firmware: 1.2.2

    Windows 7, VS 2015

    Hi Milad,

    I assume you are using the Tobii Analysis SDK since you ask about the Tobii Pro X60 eye tracker and also about pupil diameter which is only available in the Analysis SDK. To give a relevant answer to your question I need to know a bit more about the circumstances. Could you please provide more information about:
    1) Is Tobii X60 the exact eye tracker model name (I ask since we have other products with similar names, e.g. the X2-60 eye tracker)?
    2) How much does the pupil diameter fluctuate and in what way (e.g. slowly drifting or random noise)?
    3) Do you experience the fluctuations also when moving your gaze around a screen with uniform brightness? The pupil diameter is affected by the brightness so looking at a bright spot will cause the pupil diameter to decrease.


    Dear Thorbjørn,
    the Tobii X2-60 is a device, handled by Tobii Pro.
    Pleae contact their support department here: http://www.tobiipro.com/contact/contact-support/


    Thorbjørn Nielsen

    I have problems with using the X2-60 (for instance, the device repeatedly disconnects from the computer), and would like to examine the logs/diagnostics for the device.

    I found that I could use the program “EyeTrackerBrowser” (included in “tobii-analytics-sdk-3.0.83”) to create a “.diag” file from the device.
    But how do I actually open this file?

    Also, should I instead use another approach to get diagnostics for the device?

    Jenny [Tobii]

    Hi Sai,

    Tobii Gaze SDK:
    The X2-60 eye tracker is a device that presents itself as a network device. The Tobii Gaze SDK does not have built-in support for discovering network eye trackers, it will only automatically discover eye trackers that present themselves as USB devices (such as EyeX Controller, REX, PCEyeGo, PCEye Explore, X2-30, X3-120). This is per design, to limit the scope and complexity of the Tobii Gaze SDK.

    Tobii Analytics SDK:
    I’ll forward the problem to Tobii Pro which is the business unit that owns the Analytics SDK.



    I am using the Tobii X2-60 eye tracker. I have downloaded Tobii Gaze SDK C API 4.1.0 Win32. I am using visual studio 2013(32bit) on Windows 7(64 bit). I tried compiling the Minimal Tracker sample code. I had to upgrade it to use visual studio 2013 compiler and libraries and built the solution. When I try MinimalTracker –auto I get No eye tracker found. The eye tracker was detected using the Tobii Studio and also Tobii Eye Tracker browser. Is there anything else I need to setup i.e install the eyex engine?

    Francis JAMBON

    I wonder if it would be possible to use the gaze SDK with the new Tobii X3-120 (it could be done with the Tobii X2-60). I know that Analytics SDK have more powerful features, but I would like to use both EyeX and X3-120 devices with the same software.


    Hi there,
    the Tobii X2-60 is a analytical eye tracker, which is not supported by us, “Tobii Tech”.
    You will though, get help from “Tobii Pro” which is another part of our company: http://www.tobii.com/sv/eye-tracking-research/global/contact/offices/support-contacts/




    I am working on the TobiiX2-60 eye tracker. Everything was working fine and then I stopped working on it. After a week I tried to connect it again, but its not detecting the eye tracker. I checked all possible connections if they are loose, but they seems to be fine. I even uninstalled and installed it again but problem is same.

    Michael J


    I’ve written an application which uses the Analytics SDK.
    On connection of the EyeTracker(X2-60) the application crashes before the browserEventListener is called.
    Currently, I have no idea what causes the error, the codes is pretty similar to the QtSample(which works).
    Does the Analytics SDK create a crash-dump?

    Thanks a lot!


    In reply to: OSC output


    well i didnt find any solutions yet because i am working on other projects right now.. but!

    i got such a reply :


    The X2-60 connect be connected this way. It only works when connected to the Processing unit via USB amnd the unit to the computer via LAN connection, using appropriate drivers and software.
    What you try to acheive is not really related to eyetrcking analysis but more to interaction. The Analysis SDK is not the appropriate tool but more likely using the Gaze interaction SDK:

    This SDK not being a Tobii Pro product I suggest you check the FAQs and the develloper community on the Tobii website:

    Best regards.

Viewing 15 results - 16 through 30 (of 45 total)