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    Michael Nelson

    Came here to support this feature request! Everything the Samsung G9 offers is so much better than the competition, and at a decent price (I got mine for $1000) that I suspect it will become the go to monitor for years to come. Please consider adding support for this monitor!

    I will note that I understand the difficulty involved. Not only is this a 32:9 ratio, but there is more of a curvature as well. There’s a lot to account for and questions to be asked, such as ‘will there be other curvatures other than 1800 and 1000?’. It seems that understanding both aspect ratio and real world placement of the panel would be necessary to get accurate tracking.

    Nevertheless! I have faith that Tobii can provide!

    Luke Venediger

    I have a Dell 49″ monitor and transitioning away from my keyboard and mouse due to terrible RSI issues. I would LOVE to continue using mouse along with my voice dictation platform: Talon Voice.

    Save us, engineering team, you are our only hope! (Also princess Leia says hi)

    Thank you!

    Ricardo Gutierrez

    Hey tobii devs,

    We’ve been waiting on full native support for 32:9 to pull the trigger on the tobii.

    This request was opened over 2 years ago. Can we get an update on this? Are you actively working on development or is this still sitting on the bottom of the nightlies waiting list?

    Please give us a nod that this will eventually make it to production so we can buy the unit. I’m sure your sales team will appreciate it too! 😉

    Thank you for your time and support.


Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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