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    Lica Okamoto


    I’m now tackling on my research project using Tobii eyeX. I’m new to use eyeX so I have some basic questions. Now I use Windows 10 on a note PC.

    My project is using gaze data from the c++ sample “MinimalGazeDataStream” to Node.js server through STDIO. The Node.js server (JavaScript code) calls a browser (now I use Chrome). But I’m not sure how I can get the user’s looking tag on the browser with eyeX.

    Could anyone give me answers or suggestion?

    1. I’d like to use eyeX like a mouse pointer when people see web sites. Can I use eyeX like a mouse or a pointer device on web browser? If I can, how can I enable this function?

    2. I’d like to know which HTML tag a user is looking on the web page right now.
    Can I get the coordinates of gaze or fixation points with Windows eyeX SDK? Which example should I look into? Or, can I directly get the tag information (which the user gaze is hitting now) from browser (through JavaScript etc.) or eyeX SDK? If so, how can I get the information?

    3. I’ve read through the eyeX SDK document for Windows but there seems to be no eyeX function call usage on the documents. Should I read the source code from the example? If it’s my misunderstanding, could you please tell me which document tells usage of exeX SDK function?

    Thank you for your kindly help in advance.



    Lica Okamoto

    I’d like to add some.

    “Like a mouse” means that it works as a mouse or similar device of mouse on web browser.
    I expect a gaze point works as “onClick”, “onMouseOver” or other event on web browser, if possible.

    If I should code these event, I’d be very happy to learn from you or from similar project which I can see the source code.
    I need your kindly advice. Thank you 🙂



    +1 to Lica

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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