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    ross ketchum

    It would be very nice to somehow get an interface that lets us bind the different look Axis using keyboard commands…I have tried to program headlook controls for Dirt Rally using the eyex but the constant motion of the eyex software’s input wont allow me to program the correct direction for headlook… In example when I try to look up to program the control the game detects the subtle movements to the left and right before i can move my eyes up, so i end up programming the look up button to the axis that runs horizontally. A simple interface that allows us to program the eyex to constantly have control over the mouse cursor or allows us to program the axis to keybinds would allow users the ability to use this amazing device in so many more games.

    Magic Man

    I had to manually bind the axis in Elite and know what you mean, took me a few goes before I got it.

    Perhaps options in the eyex software to restrict reporting to a single axis at a time would help when setting binds or the ability to allocate an axis id to a key that could then be used to set binds.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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