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    Daniel Holzmann

    In my WPF application the Designer doesnt work -> “Invalid Markup”
    The error code: “The memeber HasGazeChanged is not recognized or accessible”

            <Style x:Key="EyeXGazeAwareEllipse" BasedOn="{StaticResource EyeXGazeAwareElement}" TargetType="Ellipse">
                <Setter Property="eyeX:Behavior.GazeAware" Value="True"></Setter>
                <Setter Property="eyeX:Behavior.GazeAwareDelay" Value="100"></Setter>

    -> <Ellipse Style="{StaticResource EyeXGazeAwareEllipse}" eyeX:Behavior.HasGazeChanged="OnHasGazeChanged" Grid.Row="0" Width="150" Stroke="Black" StrokeThickness="2" ></Ellipse>
    The strange thing is that i can build the app and it works fine, also the OnHasGazeChanged event works!

    What i have already tried:
    – check namespache (xmlns:eyeX=”clr-namespace:EyeXFramework.Wpf;assembly=EyeXFramework”)
    – check dll´s and framework (Client.dll = x64, EyeXFramework = x64 and application also x64)
    – clean/rebuild and restart VS2015

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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