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    No matter how many times I calibrate, when I switch on Gaze Trace the view-bubble is always slightly above and to the right of where I’m actually looking.

    It would be useful to have a feature allowing calibration fine tuning after the main calibration is saved. Perhaps using the existing Test Your Calibration option, when showing the 9 circled areas on the screen allow a user to click in each when they are looking at them to tell the EyeX to record a slight override for that quadrant of the screen so it can then know to tweak the Gaze Trace position by that small offset

    Karl Rathmanner


    Same problem here, especially with the corners of the screen! The offset seems to be more or less constant, even if I repeat the calibration process multiple times. Usually the gaze point is shifted to the center of the screen, with the effect being more noticeable at the edges. Could this be related to my astigmatism?

    Either way: being able to tune the existing calibration settings the way Davel proposed would be neat.
    (Click one of the 9 areas -> visualization is disabled -> look at the area’s center -> have visualization reflect the change -> repeat until you get it right)

    But maybe (since tracking works fine in any part of the screen for my healthy-eyed girlfriend) this problem is specific to me or my glasses. An option to manually offset the gaze point as a last resort workaround would be great in that case.
    (Click one of the 9 areas -> use arrow keys to set offset for that region)


    This x1000 times, I just can’t calibrate it properly. Tried in different positions, different distance, light conditions and at least few screen border points always have big offset. I have healthy eyes and don’t wear glasses so I don’t know what is wrong. Some noise cancellation option would also be nice.

    Ben Johnson

    I have had this problem as well, it makes playing the division and using the aiming/cover function difficult.

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @licenced, thanks for the suggestion.. I have logged your feature request for future development meetings.




    @Tobii team,

    it would be great if you could give an update to the requested feature and how it is being prioritized for development. I had a good discussion with your support team (ref:_00D30XnDD._50013tYsof:ref including quite some pictures/video).
    With the current state of the calibration I cannot recommend the product. Since it seems that the upper part of the screen is not correct captured during calibration I did stick some markers on my screen to gaze at during calibration. I get much better results now.
    Most of the time I end up reviewing the state of calibration before each gaming session, to get correct flavor of the day.

    For the suggested solution I would propose not to use the mouse to select a circle. In the test calibration screen use number pad keys to select the circle you want to adjust. Upon this have the cursor keys to move the gaze cloud (the pink dots) to where you want them. So I could select the upper center circle by 8 on the num pad. Then adjust the dots.This would also allow me to adjust the bit the right of my center focus.

    For gaming it would be great to be able to adjust how EyeX is averaging tracing. I have it gute often that tracking is more a horizontal line than it is a rund dot cloud. I did read The Division EyeX comment but for me the aim/cover at gaze is more hit than miss.

    I think you have a promising product but if I cannot adjust it to my setup it will be unusable. That being said: good to have the feature in a game, but if does not work, no-one will use it, publishers will notice and drop support.


    @grant-rogers do you have any feedback from the development meetings? It is been some month since you were putting it on the agenda.

    Very said that there is still no update

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @ludwig,

    Indeed we are currently working on ways to improve calibration results for specific problematic areas.

    This will necessitate some time to fully implement, but I can inform you we are working on this issue to be
    rolled out in future firmware/software releases.

    Sacha Zyto

    Good morning everyone, any update on this important feature ? I bought a Tobii 4C, and I notice the exact same problem: (1) even after multiple calibrations, the cursor often points to a location that’s slight up and to the right to the location I’m really looking at, and (2) it’s hard to reach the corners of the screen.

    I’ve tried to mitigate (2) by selecting the option to track only the left eye (my right eye has large astigmatism), and it does improve things, but the issue with (1) still remains.

    I wonder if instead of calibrating with just 1+3+3 points, we could have a fine calibration mode where we ask the user to look at many more regions, so we don’t have to interpolate over large distance to find the eye coordinates, and hence we can approximate the gaze->coordinates function more accurately.

    Grant [Tobii]

    Thank you all for the feedback, I have pushed this feature to our development team for further discussion in the next team meeting. Will report here again with the conclusions.


    Hi, any news on this?


    Same request here: A fine tuning / correction option would be great. I have the same issues. Using 4c.

    Grant [Tobii]

    Thanks for all our users for their patience whilst we investigated this option. Unfortunately, due to how our eye tracking algorithms are designed, any changes in one calibration point will affect all the others so it’s sadly not a simple case of merely adjust “one point”.

    Accordingly, to implement this feature requires a significant rewrite of our algorithm code and so, for the time being, is not something likely to be available in the near future. Apologies for the disappointing news, hopefully, your gaming and interaction experience are not unduly affected.

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