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    sinan goo

    We have a Rex Eye Tracker and I am using the Gaze SDK.
    We are trying to setup a calibration less exhibit.
    I would like to experiment with different calibration settings in order to find out if one calibration setting could perform well enough for most users, and how different settings would be different from the default calibration setting.

    By using: “tobiigaze_get_calibration_point_data_items” I can see the stored data from the tobiigaze_calibration data, which I can retrieve by using: “tobiigaze_get_calibration”.

    * what is the data structure of the tobiigaze_calibration data so that I can generate that data structure by myself?
    * or is it somehow possible to modify the settings of an existing tobiigaze_calibration data structure?



    Hi Sinan,
    the format of the calibration data blob is proprietary. The SDK only provides procedures for getting the calibration from the tracker, for setting the calibration on the tracker, and for extracting the calibration point data items. Not for manipulating the calibration as such.

    But I guess you could just record a few calibrations and see how they work for some test subjects without any manipulation?

    And of course it depends on your application as well. If you don’t need high accuracy then it might work perfectly fine without user calibration.

    sinan goo

    Thanks for your reply,

    In order to compare different user calibrations with the default setting (no calibration at all) I would like to reset the calibration without unplugging the Rex device.

    But when trying to write the default calibration (8 bytes of zero, which I stored before by using “tobiigaze_get_calibration”), I always get an: Firmware error: Internal error.

    In the Log file the following line is appended:
    [ERROR]: 2014-Jul-15 11:41:39: Error occurred in tobiigaze_set_calibration: 536872199 Error in data from device.

    Is there a different way by which I can reset the calibration?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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