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    Myles Dear


    I am looking for a robust blink-triggered switch capability for my highly medically complex son. He uses “Grid 2” AAC software. I have government support for the lease of an I15 medical device.

    I had approached Tobii before about providing blink switch capability in their I15 medical device and was told “No”, since any small change in the device’s built-in software would require extensive medical re-certification.

    So, I went looking for other vendors. Project IRIS http://iris.xcessity.at/ uses the EyeX SDK to perform gaze interaction for gaming and AAC applications, and can detect eye blinks via the EyeX SDK and forward those switch presses to the “Grid 2” AAC software.

    Could IRIS be compatible with the IS20 eye tracking hardware in the I15 medical device?

    I read the post that stated “The EyeX SDK works with all IS20 eye trackers that behaves like USB devices rather than network devices: Tobii REX, Tobii PCEye Go and Tobii X2-30” but the I15 was not specifically called out.


    Jenny [Tobii]

    Hi Myles,

    Since the I15 uses a built-in IS20 eye tracker, a very specific screen setup has to be used, which is not the same as the one assumed by the EyeX software. This means that if you install the EyeX software on an I15 it will be in conflict with the eye tracker specific software that the I15 comes with, giving offsets and undefined behavior in the standard communication software. Because of this, I have to strongly recommend against installing EyeX on an I15 that is to be used for communication. I guess that it would invalidate its medical certification to do so. Disclaimer: As a software developer for Tobii Tech, I have neither the knowledge nor the authority to give advice as to what is or is not valid legally. My suggestions here are based on a software system perspective and what is required for the product to function properly.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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