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    Paweł Kasprowski

    I installed tobii-research package in Python 3.5 and run the following code taken from your web page:

    import tobii_research as tr
    import time
    found_eyetrackers = tr.find_all_eyetrackers()
    my_eyetracker = found_eyetrackers[0]
    print("Address: " + my_eyetracker.address)
    print("Model: " + my_eyetracker.model)
    print("Name (It's OK if this is empty): " + my_eyetracker.device_name)
    print("Serial number: " + my_eyetracker.serial_number)
    def gaze_data_callback(gaze_data):
        # Print gaze points of left and right eye
        print("Left eye: ({gaze_left_eye}) \t Right eye: ({gaze_right_eye})".format(
    my_eyetracker.subscribe_to(tr.EYETRACKER_GAZE_DATA, gaze_data_callback, as_dictionary=True)
    my_eyetracker.unsubscribe_from(tr.EYETRACKER_GAZE_DATA, gaze_data_callback)

    The eye tracker is found correctly:
    Address: tobii-prp://IS50F-100200135752
    Model: IS5_Large_Eyetracker_5
    Name (It’s OK if this is empty): IS5_Large_Eyetracker_5
    Serial number: IS50F-100200135752

    However, nothing is printed from gaze_data_callback() function. It seems no gazedata is sent.
    Please help me to configure it properly. The eye tracker works fine in other tests like Tobii Experience.

    Hongbin Zou

    @pkasprowski it’s just not compatible with a special license etc., use stream engine or interaction library instead.

    Paweł Kasprowski

    Thank you for the clarification. So, the next obvious question is: do you know any Python bindings for ET5 and stream or interaction library?
    BTW I don’t understand how it is possible that Tobii doesn’t provide any support for Python, Java or Javascript. Do they really want developers to work with their hardware?

    Hongbin Zou

    As a reply for your pm and question, there is a python project named talonvoice which created its own usb driver to operate eyetrackers. if you really want to use python, maybe you can find a way to get data using that driver, but i am not sure…

    and for your btw, maybe they don’t, or it requires to be quite professional in this area. I have heard rumors that there will be more restrictions on sdk licensing very soon.

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