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    My name is Sebastian Jonsson and I’m a second year student in Software Engineering at the Swedish Linnaeus University.
    Currently I am working on my thesis and as part of this the method chosen for gathering data regarding how we can utilize and secure biometric data, iris images, eye movement, and the likes.

    There is an increase in usage of XR products is what I found through loads of searches and it made the choice simple to focus interest in this field as a nice way to start specializing in the field.

    It’s important to users of these headsets that you can’t use imaging/video techniques to fool the eye tracking and recognition, lest we’d lose more personal data for authentication purposes.

    So I worked on a questionnaire/survey of 13 questions, which depending on interest and how much time one wants to put into them can take anything from at quickest 2-5 minutes up to ten.

    The answers will be anonymous and I would greatly appreciate any responses, feedback, or otherwise to the questions.

    The link: VR, AR, MR survey

    Regardless of your choice of participation, consider sending others the link, that would be of great help as well.

    Many thanks in advance for giving a glimpse and I hope we can get as many to answer this as possible so we can make sure security is upheld in our future development projects!

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @s-jonsson, thanks for getting in touch! You can also try posting your survey link on Tobii’s own Discord channel @ https://discord.com/invite/tobiigaming
    Best of luck with your study 🙂


    Hello Grant,

    Thank you, I will do this ASAP, very much appreciated! 😀


    (Survey closed 25/5-2021, GMT+1)

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