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    Stuart Baillie

    I am looking to start developing some experimental games for the eye tracker but as yet don’t own an eye tracker. It was recommended to buy the mini but this is outwith my budget. Is the Eyetracker 4C suitable for development particularly around controlling movement in games? Has anyone used this before and how successful has it been?

    Many Thanks


    Hi Stuart,

    I’m assuming that you are planning to develop accessible game. I can understand that you were recommended to buy the mini, I think you need to go there at one point since it’s a full fledged accessible solution. To develop for eye tracking, you could start with the 4C. I would recommend to move to mini at some point to get a better feel for our interaction patterns etc. for accessibility.

    I share a few accessible games released during last year:

    Four New Eyes First Games Now Available, Play with Your Eyes!


    Please keep us updated.

    Stuart Baillie

    That’s really helpful Thanks.
    I’ve seen the MS games already and hyperdot looks fun.

    Yes I am looking to do accessibility concept games but as I am new to gaming it will take a while…

    I’ll get the 4C just now till I can afford the mini but appreciate your input.
    Thanks again

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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