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    John Wise

    1) Does EyeX have drivers for Linux?
    2) What will happen if I’ll try to use it on a 27 inch display? (2560 x 1440 resolution, Widescreen (16:9)). To what degree it will work on a larger than 24 inch display? Will it not work at all? Will it just not recognize eye events near the edges of the monitor?

    Robert [Tobii]

    Hi John,

    1) There are drivers for the EyeX Controller on Linux, but we will only have official support for Windows in the beginning. If there’s a big demand for Linux we might publish a basic unsupported Linux kit later on. What kind of use case are you thinking of?

    2) So far we haven’t done so much testing on large screens, since the hardware is still under development. Probably it will work fine on most parts of the screen, but if you’re sitting near the screen and look to the top-left and top-right corners, the gaze angle might be too large for the tracker to be able to process the image. When we get closer to the release date we can publish more information about eye tracking on large screens.

    John Wise

    Thank you for the quick reply! Right now I just want to use it as a mouse replacement for everyday tasks (like internet browsing, programming, text editing, etc)., in other words, just for normal desktop interactions. It won’t be too much trouble for me to write all the code I need myself and release it publicly, if I’ll have some access to APIs that will tell the X, Y position at where the gaze is directed.


    Here is a big demand for a Linux driver, too! I would like to implement the EyeX sensor in the ROS system for robots which is running under Linux.

    I can live without a polished product and an with an unofficial support as long as we are not bound to Microsoft only. These drivers might also be a good start for porting the system over to Mac as well as Android devices. You shouldn’t underestimate the shift of the market towards these systems. The days Windows was the only big boy in town are long over. Furthermore it might open the door to an exciting new research field: Incorporating a gaze and touch interaction.

    Are there any experiments running the EyeX in a virtual environment?

    Lyubimov Denis

    Hello, I would want to have Linux drivers for Tobii EyeX too. Low level stuff like X,Y would be enough, please.


    I am a developer with an interest in linux GUI’s and can tell you that if you supported linux with drivers there would be an explosion in the uptake of this UI. People like me (and there are thousands) would code just for the fun of it and often if not always now, the innovation is in the open-source realm. Shame you too dismiss linux lightly.

    Also, 27″ monitors are the norm and now all the work is going into 4k monitors & graphics.


    be assured that we don’t dismiss linux lightly. But we cannot do everything at once. Please have patience…

    Matthieu Herrb

    +1 for Linux support !
    There is a large commuity of potential users for Robotics applications around the ROS (http://www.ros.org/) ecosystem. Having a development kit that would make it possible to interface with ROS would create lots of interest among people doing human/robot interaction work with ROS.

    Yuki Furuta

    +1 for Linux support!!
    All robotics researcher are looking forward to use this novel device on Linux/ROS system!!
    I’d like to try ASAP.


    Another +1 for linux support!


    Hook a brother up with some Linux love!


    Yet another +1 for Linux support!

    Brina Hope

    aaaaaand another +1 for Linux support!


    and another +2 for Linux (seriously, I have two of them)

    Robert Schleicher

    +1 interested in Linux support

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