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    André Stadelmann


    Can you use the EyeX for websites? I know that they got a chrome plugin so cab I use that for a website?

    Robert [Tobii]

    Yes, technically you can, but it is not so easy at the moment. The Chrome plugin uses an internal protocol to communicate with the EyeX Engine. We are working on a public API for web/JavaScript, but I cannot say when it will be released. There are some other cool thing that have higher priority at the moment. Bear with us!


    Now I’m curious. What could possibly be cooler than using eye tracking in web apps?!

    Robert [Tobii]

    You’ll see!


    Eye tracking for the Oculus Rift.

    André Stadelmann

    Hahaha! John you made my day!


    Any news on this?
    I really need the Javascript API.
    Can you give a rough estimation on when to expect it?
    (for my personal case it would be enough to know if it will be released within the next 3 months or not)

    Robert [Tobii]


    The status of the EyeX SDK for JavaScript/Web is still work-in-progress. I really hope it can be released within the next 3 months, but cannot promise anything.

    To help us to prioritize the right solution, it would be great to know your use case. For example: do you need to create something that works in a regular web browser, or are you using some sort of glue framework like Chromium Extension Framework or Awesomium?

    André Stadelmann

    I want JS for using hover and visual feedback on webpages.

    Jaideep Sundaram


    Could someone please provide a pointer to the document that describes this soon-to-be-released JavaScript API?

    What types of “events” will be supported?

    I’d be most interested in the mouse equivalents of:
    1. hover (stare-at)
    2. mouseover (glance-at)
    3. mouseleave (glance-away)
    4. click (blink)
    5. double-click (double-blink, maybe…)
    6. etc.

    Thank you in advance,

    Nexii Malthus

    Don’t use a plugin! You would be obsolete from step one.

    To open up to the web you need to use modern standards.

    Take a lession from the Leap Motion JS api: WebSockets.
    You don’t need to use their code, but at least inspect and learn from it.

    Basically the drivers open up a websocket as a transport layer and the JS framework then connects to this.

    Sean Doyle

    Just noticed this thread. I agree with Nexii- the way that the LeapMotion API works is ideal. It’s great that it works on Mac and PC; it’s great that I can integrate into any browser or Node.js process. Please do this :-).

    Bruno Burke

    Accessing the EyeX via WebSockets would be great. Almost every language has some sort of library to send web-requests and convert JSON Data, so this will be a solution for multiple Programming Languages!
    Maybe someone who reads this is able to merge the MinimalGazeDataStream example project with a micro Webserver and publish it as open source?

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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