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    Hi – has anyone talked to Boris Vorontsov over at http://www.enbdev.com about including yex support in his graphics modification libraries?

    Almost every game I play, I immediately see if he has ‘fixed’ the 3D engine for; I believe most people are in the same boat, and it would be EXCELLENT if I could, for example, make the depth of field effect his ENB additions generate tie in with where I am looking. This would be expecially powerful as an advertising tool for tobii, as his base modifications work on several major games – you may find not much change by him will open up loads of new ‘supported titles’ (which I would then be able to use with eye tracking).

    Whilst I am a developer, I write banking software so I’m not best placed to do any of this myself – but if anyone wanted to run with the idea I’d be very happy.


    PS: I do not know Boris Vorontsov at all – I just really like his work.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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