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    I just received a Tobii REX for Developers Laptop Edition and downloaded the EyeX SDK for .NET. I managed to install the EyeX Engine and connect the REX device.
    After this I’m trying to use the Tobii EyeX SDK for .NET 0.23. In the “source” subdirectory I open the Visual Studio solution file that includes all the code samples as well as the framework components.

    With Visual Studio 2010 all projects are opened as “icompatible”. Why does this happen? The Developer’s Guide DotNet says that “This guide assumes that you have installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 or later on your development machine”

    Thank you in advance,

    Polykarpos Karamaoynas

    Institute of Computer Science
    Foundation for Research and Technology


    Hi Polykarpos,
    I’m sorry, we got that wrong in the developer’s guide: it should read Visual Studio 2012 or later. (For C/C++ we can use the same project files with VS2012 and 2010 but unfortunately it’s not so simple for .NET.)

    The workaround, unless you want to upgrade to VS2012 or 2013, is to create a new solution and new project files with VS2010 and add the source files manually. The only feature that isn’t available in VS2010 is the async/await methods used for states. Everything else should work just fine with VS2010.


    Thank you Anders.

    An other option (maybe not very safe) was to edit the .csproj file and change the TargetFrameworkVersion from “v4.5” to “v4.0”



    Thanks for pointing out that option! That is of course by far the easiest solution, and it should be perfectly safe.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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