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    Hi all, i just got my little eyex and got it plugged on my computer.

    Everything works fine in the basic environment, eye tracking is smootha and everything is well.

    The problems starts to come out when i have to call in Vjoy drivers.

    After the First install nothing went good andit immediately started to fight with my Saitek X52 drivers..
    So, as long as i kept my X52 connected Vjoy never reached the end of the installation.

    When i unplugged my X52 perhaps the installation went just fine. Plugged the Saitek back again and after that i could enjoy the Infinite Screen service at the top of its performance in E:D.

    After the first machine reboot, however, an infinite loop of issues came out of the hole.
    Vjoy drivers and Saitek Drivers seems to fight each other at any time. At Windows startup vjoy asks for initialization, and when i click OK, both vjoy and saitek doesn’t work anymore.
    They just stay there, activated, but infinite Screen, Saitek Control panel and vjoy services do not popup in any way even if clicked on.
    Of course no response of any kind in games.

    Also, in Vjoy feeder i get the message “vJoy Driver (version 0000) does not match vJoy Interface DLL (version 0216). Don’t think this is a Tobiii issue however-

    After hours of testing i can just do this:
    – Uninstall everything;
    – Unplug the X52;
    – Reinstall everything;
    – Replug everything;

    Then i can use Infinite screen and my peripherials just fine with vjoy and related videogames… of course as i reboot my machine, every issue gets back again.

    I was wondering if upgrading to Win 10 could help me a bit.

    Jeremy Jacobson

    I have windows 10, I also have the same issues you are having. I have been trying to make my EyeX work with Vjoy and elite dangerous for the last 4 days. I have not been able to get it to work yet.

    I was seeing that “does not match Vjoy Dll” but it depended on which version I installed and if I installed the companion apps with Vjoy. Currently I have eliminated that error but still not working.

    Right now after my 50th or so uninstall/reinstall of Vjoy, Tobii software, X52 drivers… I am out of ideas and getting ready to send the Eye X back since it just wont work with my system. What sucks… the EyeX does work but only within its own software which for all intents and purposes it completely useless since it doesn’t have the ability to control any of my software without Vjoy working.

    Seems to me Tobii needs to write its own interface software and cut out Vjoy. It doesn’t seem like a good idea to be at the mercy of a 3rd party program.


    I agree,
    Eyex is clearly a masterpiece and it’s a shame it must rely on a bad followed and scripted third party driver.
    Even in Vjoy forums the devs could only say “saitek is a known issue, you must have read the forum before”… wow! My compliments! That’s the right way to solve a problem.

    However, i upgraded my win 8 to Win 10, leaving Saitek’s win 8 driver inside. It’s now working PERFECTLY. Everything runs fine. I don’t know if this helps, try to do a fresh install of vjoy and then install the Saitek win 8.1 drivers, Windows should take them as good and maybe you’ll solve the problem like me.

    Jeremy Jacobson

    Right now, I am still trying to get the whole thing working with out x52 in the equation (completely unplugged and uninstalled). Once I get the eyex working I will work on getting the X52 working.

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