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    Marc Mostert

    I need to start to let people know what a great product it is, the installation went fast an simple. Setting it up in ArmA 3 took me some time because I had to enable freetrack in my profilename.arma3profile in arma 3 – other profiles\profilename by setting changing it from freeTrack=0; to freeTrack=1;

    I do have two questions about the Infinite Screen Extension:
    1. Is it possible to make the Field of view extension a little larger in arma 3 to 170 degrees?

    2. Will we be able to set the rotating speed at certain points?
    For example at the start I would like to be able to not move, so when i move my eyes about 3 cm i would like to see that my character still keeps looking forward, after that it can rotate a little faster until it is at 90 degrees which also needs a little dead point so to speak.

    I hope you understand what I mean with the example.

    With kind regards,



    I concur. With head trackers you could look back and it works in Elite Dangerous so it is possible.
    Actually I couldn’t try in Arma3 because it doesn’t worked for me but it is the same in DayZ.

    Also related with second point, for simulators it would be nice to go automatically to frontal view by default if you move your eyes out of EyeX range/angle.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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