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    Johan Fogelström

    Hi, me and some friends have some history working with eye trackers and are now looking into remaking our core product. For this, we choose Golang due to its many features that work well with external requirements. Problem is that there are no Go bindings for EyeX or Gaze SDK.

    So we use the provided headerfiles of the C bindings are guidance in making our own.
    We know we can use the provided DLL’s and communicate with them, since we can initialize the system and gets the OK value returned.

    But when attempting to create a context, it just sets the pointer we give it to 1. This does not match the expected behaviour. We expect to see a pointer to the context. Are we correct in this expectation and need to do further debugging or is it expected behaviour?


    Hi Johan,
    cool that you’re using Go! There aren’t any reasons why it shouldn’t work.

    One possible cause of the problem that you describe is that the txCreateContext API call requires that the context handle passed into it (as a reference) is set to TX_EMPTY_HANDLE before the call.

    Johan Fogelström

    Found the problem. Error was in Go-land. An array holding function pointers to the DLL-functions was out of order with a list of constants naming the elements in the array. Turns out we have been calling txUninitializeSystem all this time.

    We will look into open sourcing the result when we are done if anyone is interested.

    Robert [Tobii]

    Go go go!

    Johan Fogelström


    After being stuck in various business decisions for quite a while, I can finally say that it has been open-sourced.
    We finally decided to do this since it holds no value for anymore and it might inspire someone else to write eye tracker applications in Go.

    Included in the examples folder is some basic applications we have had great use of for debugging and other et related tasks (including a console-calibrator).

    I would be a shame if all this was forgotten, which is why I post it here, with the hopes that it will be of use to someone.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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