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    In the desktop tool when you go to “About” and scroll to the bottom where it lists “Components” you can get some information like this…

    Tobii Eye Tracking Core SW
    Eye tracker model IS4 Eyetracker 4L
    Serial number IS423-103107020792
    Firmware 2.16.0-bff79b6
    Tobii Controller Core Not available
    Tobii USB Service Not available
    Tobii Controller Driver 2.0.4
    Tobii Service
    Tobii Engine
    Tobii Config
    Tobii Interaction
    Tobii IS4 Eye Tracker
    Tobii Overview
    Tobii Intro

    Is there any way for us to use any Tobii API to get this information in an application? The reason I’m asking for this information is because the project that I’m working on it would be very useful to have access to such diagnostic information in the application. Without getting too far into it, the toolbar application will be unavailable in my environment.

    Thanks for any help!


    So far what I can see is that on the C++ side…

    success = (txGetStateValueAsSize2(hStateBag, TX_STATEPATH_EYETRACKINGDISPLAYSIZE, &displaySize) == TX_RESULT_OK);
    if (success) {
    printf(“Display Size: %5.2f x %5.2f mm\n”, displaySize.Width, displaySize.Height);

    I found this in an old sample I downloaded from I think 2015? It seems like TX_STATEPATH_ has most of the information I’m looking for. However, I’m not seeing any of the prefixed TX_ code samples on the API reference documentation anymore, so is this code deprecated in any way?

    I then started trying to search the API reference for any “StatePath” code and found a page under … (https://developer.tobii.com/tobii-pro/)
    Consumer Eye Trackers -> Core SDK -> API Reference -> Tobii.Interaction.Framework -> StatePaths
    This seems like the C# equivalent stuff as the TX_STATEPATH code I mentioned above. I’d link the direct page but it 404’s when I try to go to the page directly.

    I guess I’ll just summarize my questions here…

    1) Is the TX_ code outdated and is there a replacement in the C++ side?
    2) Can someone point me to an example where I can use the StatePaths in C#?
    3) Is there not a search function on the API Reference? If not, that would be very very nice to have.

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @zack and thanks for your query. You are correct that the TX_ code has since been replaced within the Core SDK by the Class StatePaths.

    For C++, you would need to use the Stream Engine API (https://developer.tobii.com/consumer-eye-trackers/stream-engine/) which has various parameters exposed such as tobii_get_device_info which can provide eye tracker specific information. The Stream Engine however cannot provide any data regarding Tobii Core Software versions as it operates independently.

    If however, you are happy to use .NET then you can download the Core SDK samples available online @ https://github.com/Tobii/CoreSDK
    and navigate to Samples -> /States/Interaction_States_102/ which should show you the syntax.

    I am not sure if these metrics provide everything you want, so if you could be more specific in your needs, I will do my best to find the requested calls. If you could also elaborate on which SDK you are using, that would be helpful.

    Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.


    Hey Grant,

    Thanks for the clarification on the TX_ code.

    So if I understand correctly, the only way to get information on the C++ side is using tobii stream engine native and that is limited to just hardware information. If I wanted to get software information, I’d need to create a separate C# application using the Core SDK?

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @zack, apologies for the wait whilst I tried to confirm for you which states are externally available. Yes, you are correct that via the C++ route (stream engine) you would only get the Hardware information.

    I am afraid to say that the Tobii Interaction Software versions are not something publically exposed in any detail in the Tobii Core SDK .NET Bindings, nor do we provide support for accessing these states. What is available is again simple hardware and firmware versions as documented online and in the samples as provided earlier.

    If you could kindly clarify your intentions for the SW versions information, perhaps we can find a workaround suitable for your needs. Thanks for your understanding.

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