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    Sarah Lee

    I came to know that using two EyeX controllers on the same machine is possible. I want to get more detailed information for this scenario.

    1. Put one eyeX controller on the bottom of the screen and another one on the top of the screen. Is this going to work?
    2. Do I need to change any existing SDK to handle eye gaze events from two EyeX controllers? I’m using EyeX SDK for Unity 0.22 version, is this SDK going to work with two EyeX controllers?

    Mattias [Tobii]


    I’m sorry to say that the EyeX Controller currently does not support more than one controller. We do however listen to feature requests so things may change in the future.

    Regarding your question 1. There is today no good way of synchronizing more than one EyeX Controller. Unless they target different areas this will result in interference and noise and is not recommended. How large is the screen you want to cover at what distance is the user expected to be from it?


    If it would become possible to do so in the future then maybe it could increase the already impressive accuracy further. Maybe the infrared emitter could be turned off on one of the devices by the controlsoftware.

    Kind of like a Nvidia SLI functunction, with two devices working together for improved performance and accuracy. For those who desire it. It could be an interesting possibility.

    It would requier the software to be able to utilise the data from both devices, and then there is possibly the harware side if it?

    Jenny [Tobii]

    Yes, it is an interesting possibility. Tobii has in the past prototyped different ways of synchronizing data from multiple trackers, and it could become interesting in the future to implement such a feature for a public API.

    The reason why we have focused on eye trackers placed on the bottom of a monitor is that that gives the best view of the eyes. From the top of a monitor the eyes are more likely to be be obscured by eyelashes, eyelids, eyebrows, bangs, and the like. But, an eye tracker placed on the top of a monitor could of course be a good complement when the user’s eyes are directed towards the top area of the screen.

    Bo Kang

    Hey Jenny,

    I am wondering if there is a solution that I can mount the eyeX on the top of the screen.

    I attached a screen set up here.

    Experiment setup


    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi Bo (@buptkang)

    Sorry, but using an EyeX eye tracker in a non-standard mounting configuration is not possible and requires
    the usage of a Tobii Pro eye tracker such as X3-120 for this kind of advanced setup.

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