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    Eric Chu

    I have been working with the EyeX for a about a month now, and the largest problem I am having is the inconsistency that it has when reading the gaze. Where when I would look at an EyeXActor and the gaze wouldn’t detect and after moving around while shaking and clicking the mouse a bit it would suddenly work. I have checked the calibration of the EyeX but it seems to work fine in all of the other applications, I also have the “Visualize Detection” checked and I can see that the gaze is colliding with the actor.

    I have been told before that you are suppose to move the mouse around to receive proper detection readings from the Unreal Engine, but I have tested this a lot and cannot find a work around.

    I also felt that maybe distance might be the problem as at a certain distance the detection would stop working, and I have played with the EyeX distance settings in both the PlayerController and the EyeXActor and the distance is still affecting the detection to a great extent.

    Is there anyway I can make sure that the detection is more consistent, because this issue is pretty game breaking if I am to make a game that is using EyeTracking as a core mechanic.

    Thanks to anyone that can give me some advice/help

    Eric Chu

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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