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    Omri Goldblat

    Hey, good morning and a happy weekend to you all,
    I purchased the SteelSeries Sentry a few days ago, recieved it 2 days ago, I havent been able to make the ISE work, it starts, then crashes imdiatley or after a few seconds or after a minute, saying that ISE is not responding therefore Windows will close it.

    I hadn’t had any installation issues, all worked fine, and I can use the tracker on The Division to some extent (Only look at a spot while hiding? thats it?), but no luck with the ISE as I want to use it on Arma 3 which was the main reason I purchased it…

    ISE Error

    Here is the logfile I extracted out of the Tobii event logger…

    I’d like to add that I sent a support ticket 2 days ago and still no response or even confirmation of the support staff recieving the ticket.

    Thank’s in advance… hope ya’ll can help.. it’s quite frustrating.. I havent seen anyone with a similar problem…

    Good Day 🙂

    Omri Goldblat

    Anyone ???


    Sorry for the late reply. Please refer to this thread.

    Omri Goldblat

    Hello and good evening, it seems that OC GURU doesn’t like ISE therefore it causes issues, after closing OC GURU it worked just fine, so the matter is resolved, I think that it’s maybe worth trying that solution to any of the users having issues with Elite Dangerous: Horizons… maybe it could work there aswell if any of them use OC Guru


    Thanks for the updatae.

    Yes, OC-Guru is somewhat of a troublemaker… We’ve done some changes in order to avoid OC-Guru breaking us and it seems to have resolved some of the issues. It will be included in the next update.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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