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    I just purchased the 4C last week, and recently started playing around with it in Elite: Dangerous Horizons.

    Hardware-wise everything seems to be working fine, but I’m having issues with keybindings in both the ISE software and the game itself.

    I’m playing ED with an Xbox Elite Controller, and I’ve never had any issues with it.
    Headlook has always been set to clicking the right thumbstick. I need some help sorting things out here…

    I originally set the Enable/Disable key in ISE to the same input (right thumbstick) as I thought that would replace the in-game function of headlook (ie when turning it on I get headlook through ISE, and when turned off there is no headlook in game). This results in that input doing nothing whatsoever (doesn’t turn ISE on/off, doesn’t turn headlook in game on/off)

    I tried changing it to keyboard inputs instead, but still the same result, even if I unbind the key in game.

    Any suggestions?
    I want to be able to turn the function on/off while in game, and not have to alt-tab out of it.

    Michael Lehner

    I can tell that indeed the in-game button to enable and disable headlook is not bound to anything for me any more since i use an eye-tracker. Unfortunately i do not use an x-box controller but fly with HOTAS. Binding a key from either the keyboard or from the HOTAS to enable and disable ISE works well for me, so i can’t tell what your issue could be.

    Although, just to be sure, you have set the Enable/Disable key to be set to toggle? I know you almost certainly have done so, but i still think i should ask.

    Mark Butterworth

    I too am having the same issue.

    I use xbox controller with Elite Dangerous and have the game headlook toggle set to right thumbstick press.
    I have the Tobii 4c set to enable/disable toggle on CTRL+T.

    Pressing CTRL+T does indeed disable the head/eye tracking but It will not enable the manual headlook in game clicking the thumbstick or any other items. So I am stuck with the fixed view!

    When it comes to disabling tracking so I can use original game bindings I have to stop all tobii interference before starting the game. Usually by killing processes/services. Turning off within infinite screen does not usually work.

    If I start with in game bindings working then I can get Tobii software to take over by starting the tracking software but once it has taken over I can never revert back to normal game key bindings for headlook without a full restart.


    I am having the same issue aswell, I would love it if there were a fix for this.
    The Tobii 4c is perfect for elite apart from the slight disorientation sometimes, I feel a fix for this keybinding issue would solve that. I hope someone finds a fix soon, also, has this always been like this?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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