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    I like the Lock Windows feature of the EyeX – this together with Windows Hello means I can leave my PC and have it seamlessly unlock when I return.

    However I have a couple of issues with it
    – My screensaver no longer kicks in and with ‘Lock Windows’ switched off the PC never automatically locks (as it should based on the screensaver time out). Not sure though if this a problem with Windows Hello or with the EyeX implementation
    – I’d like ‘Lock Windows’ to be disabled while gaming. Often, while flying about in Elite I’ll leave it to answer the door, make a drink or read something on my tablet while travelling to a distant planet. When I return the PC is locked and when it unlocks Elite is in an odd state which means I can’t bring it fully to the foreground to control it properly so need to kill the process and relaunch. Disabling ‘Lock Windows’ manually is not an option as the user will invariably forget and it seems that this requires a PC restart to take effect anyway

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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