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    Ive been using the 4c since 4 days ago and must say its really cool in ed.
    Though im getting mixed results. When calibrating on the third page I always
    have problems with the left upper and right upper dot, it takes a while and
    I have to concentrate and reseat myself until it gets accepted, quite frustrating
    really. Ive read that its quite normal? coverage of the upper part of the monitor is harder for 4c to track.

    Also I need to recalibrate because after some hours in ed upper viewing looses contact and resets to center, quite frustrating. I tried the gaze view to see if it looses contact and it does, only recalibrating fixes it.

    Just now before posting here the tobii crashed and the right side of the bar
    went dim, it rebooted itself and went normal again, when im feeling on the bar
    the right side is warm and the left is not.

    When rebooting the 4c wont get recognized by win10, have to unplug and plug back, started happening today.

    I was really looking forward using it and compared to vr and trackir its nice that you dont need any extra gear, but im beginning to tire of the constant fixing.

    So what gives? It seems ppl get quite varying results with this piece of hardware, mostly problems and the 4c’s been out quite a while.

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @horsky, sorry to hear about some of your unfortunate experience with the 4C. Unfortunately in a small number of cases, users can experience persistent issues in relation to calibration quality in certain regions of the screen, however there are a number of things you can try to improve the situation. For example, try to adjusting ambient lights levels in room in such a way that there are no strong source of Infrared lights from either open windows or strong spotlights near the eye tracker.
    If it’s possible to test your tracker in a different room so test any difference, please try.

    That being said, your stated issue with overheating on one side of the tracker and crashes seems quite unrelated and possibly more serious.. it’s always a good idea to ensure your motherboard BIOS and USB Chipset Drivers are fully updated as older versions have been known to cause connectivity issues. You might also try connecting a different USB port or via powered hub.

    From the Tobii system tray icon, you can collect diagnostic data there which will contain within the logs perhaps some useful information. If you can cause (or wait) for another crash of the Tobii software and isolate the logs being produced and report them, that would also be useful. Thanks for your patience and hopefully we can isolate the problem for you quickly.


    Hi Grant!

    I feel a bit stupid now afterwards because I thought that plugging the 4c directly to my monitors usb 3.0 port on the backside would be enough, mostly lazy =) Since then Ive plugged it in with the extra cable provided in the box to a 2.0 port on the backside on the pc and since then I havent had any issues =). So im really sorry, I didnt do all that was required since I thought I could take the easy way =)

    I cant say that it was “overheating” it was just warmer on the right side and that was when I was using the usb 3 ports on my monitor, maybe it had something to do with that.

    About the calibration issues it must have been beacause of my seating, Ive readjusted, not as comfortable as before 4c, but almost =) and no problemo there either, only that the right upper is a bit jumpy, not 100% accurate in the dot in the circle but I havent had any drops of gaze in game like before its working good. Ambient lights should be good, Ive tested both daylight and nightime, results are the same, im sitting in a little cubicle, but I think it all had to do with correct seating, height, distance and improper connection. One tends to slide further down in the chair when gaming =)

    Much obliged for your time Grant, if anything comes up Ill write.

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @horsky, thanks for your update and glad to hear you got it all sorted. Also, good info for other users to beware the monitors own USB ports for future reference. Happy eye tracking and please don’t hesitate to get in touch again should you have any other issues or questions 🙂

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