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    Hello, I just got the tobii eyeX software working today with the steelseries sentry eye tracker that I bought on Amazon. I’m testing out the built in features. Controlling the computer with the control key and the eye tracker is working, and when I turn on mouse warp, and set it to warp every time I click a key, that is working as well. However, when I tried to use mouse warp “on mouse move”, it does nothing. How is this feature supposed to work? I’m kind of unclear on what “on mouse move” means, but my guess (and my hope) is that this is supposed to move the pointer where you look.

    However, as I mentioned, this feature isn’t doing anything. Am I misunderstanding this feature, or is it broken? And if it is broken, how might I fix it?

    Erland [Tobii]

    Hi Lewis,

    Congrats on the new device! When you enable “mouse warp on move” the mouse pointer will appear where you are looking when you move the mouse towards where you are looking. For example, if you have the mouse pointer on the right side of the display, look at the left side of the display and slightly move the mouse towards left. This will make the mouse pointer appear where you look.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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