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    Johan Fogelström

    Is there a possibility to use multiple trackers from the same computer using EyeX simultaneously?
    The settings panel does not seem to react to multiple connected trackers, and the API contains no mention of the possibility.

    I know from earlier experience that the Gaze API had this functionality.
    We want to use the EyeX, but client demands single computer environment.

    Robert [Tobii]

    At the moment there is no built-in support for multiple eye trackers in the EyeX Engine. As you said, it is possible with the Gaze SDK (as long are the eye trackers have different URL:s). So technically it is possible to add it in the EyeX Engine as well, we just need to prioritize it. Add a feature request in the Feature Requests forum and we’ll see if there are many others who require multi-tracker support.


    This is definitely functionality that I would take advantage of. Are you saying that it is currently possible to do with multiple EyeX controllers as long as you are only using the gaze SDK and not the EyeX SDK? Or does the EyeX always require the EyeX Engine which cannot be modified for this functionality?

    Johan Fogelström

    Not sure about the EyeX, but the Gaze SDK and the REX trackers we use certainly can.
    Since it allows you to control the trackers directly, there is some features that is (currently) exclusive to Gaze SDK.

    But use the EyeX Engine if possible.
    Our application is highly specialized with many hardware, software and UI requirements, so the EyeX Engine is insufficient because of that.

    Not many regular users is going to buy multiple EyeX trackers, and your app will be unusable as soon as they are built into laptops and tablets (We have a controlled environment so it is no problem for us).


    it’s not possible to connect more than one EyeX Controller to the same machine. Other eye trackers (e.g. the REX) don’t have that limitation.

    And the EyeX Engine supports only a single eye tracker. There are several requests for multi-screen/multi-tracker support already: you’re of course welcome to add another one if you want to make your voice heard!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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