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    Please use this thread for feedback regarding this release.

    Michael Lehner

    Downloaded and installed, but don’t have the time for actual testing today or tomorrow. I’ll give feedback once i found the time for that. If it fixex my problem: thanks in advance. 🙂

    Michael Lehner

    Update: sorry. The problem still exists, the hotfix did not help.

    Marc Pleijsier

    I am now using the latest version upgraded from

    The sluggish response or stutter is gone.

    Because I’m using the X55 Rhino from Saitek I miss the ability to use my HOTAS to lock the headlook function.
    I have for now set it up in my Voice attack profile but hope the bug gets fixed in due time.

    Now to tweak it out.



    Michael Lehner

    On the X-55 it does work, but only on the stick. I use the “master switch” (the red button on the right side of the fire button) to switch eye tracking on and off, and bound the “reset to center” to the hat which you press up leave the menus, so it does both, leaving the menus and recentering your view.

    It’s not perfect and i still would like it if i could bind stuff to the throttle. It also would be great to be able to bind two keys to one function and to be able to bind “toggle enable/disable” and “hold to disable” to different keys, instead of having radio buttons to select one of the two functionalities.

    But all in all, while those are nice quality of life improvements, i’d rate the initialisation problem when the IDE is automatically started with the computer the higher priority.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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