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    Hei Sogeki

    In Elite Dangerous, before the eyeX, when lining up targets I would have my eye on the radar to locate my target, then maneuver such that the target appears at the edge of my screen. I’d then fix my eye on the target as I swing the nose of my ship towards the target until it was centered. While doing this, my eyes would trace the target from the edge of my screen to the center, and the fixed reticle would be visible to me at all times.
    When performing these actions with the eyeX, when I go to look at my target at the edge of my screen ISE will interpret this input at maximum sensitivity and whip my camera away from my HUD, causing disorientation.
    (Liken to following the road with your head on a motorcycle for the former, vs attempting cornering while your head is tilted back for the latter.)

    I have reduced my view angle limits in ISE so I can always see my reticle at the bottom of my screen when my character is looking directly up, but the sensitivity sliders in ISE trend upwards based solely on gaze distance from center. This means that tracing my target at the upper perimeter causes my camera to whip around the pivot point that separates the left and right hemispheres of the camera’s range.

    Another solution I’ve tried is to set a “hold for center” button in ISE that I can use while lining up a target with my fixed reticle, but this requires a button that I do not have room for so I find myself lacking combat options when used in this manner.

    I have tried turning the sensitivity down so the camera doesn’t get away too quickly, but when I need to look at my panels, pips, radar, etc., it’s a slow crawl to and fro which is a major hindrance in combat.

    So, I’m requesting something like a tension zone that simulates real life head movement. This way I can look to one of my perimeters without ISE attempting to pull the object of my gaze to the center of the screen at full speed.

    In detail, I would look at a ship that appears on the edge of my screen. The camera would swiftly pivot towards the ship without immediately bringing it center screen, but the ship is ever trying to stay out of my line of sight so it is often at this edge for extended periods as I gradually close the angle.
    (Under the current setting, the camera would slip and slide at this ISE view angle limit that I’ve set or, if I were to remove my ISE view angle limits, the camera would continue to pivot away from my hud and I would soon be lose my sense of direction.)
    Under the setting the I propose, I would keep my eye at the edge of my screen and my camera would decelerate as it approached the limits, but it would be able to snap back to the center (or elsewhere, as long as it isn’t approaching the limits) in accordance with the sensitivity set in ISE.
    Comparing this to real life, you could quickly look all the way to your left, and then the structure of your neck would stop you, but you could continue looking further to the left as your neck turns at a lower rate as you approach the limit. You could then look straight ahead at full speed.

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hello @heisogeki,

    Thank you for the detailed feature request. We are constantly developing ever better ways of enhancing the user experience
    across multiple game platforms, including the ability to ‘fine tune’ key parameters and activation areas.

    Please stay tuned to our downloads page where we regularly update the Tobii Infinite Screen Extension with bug fixes and new features.

    In the meantime, I have escalated your request to the developers for consideration.

    Hei Sogeki

    I think that more options/features for the user is always preferable so I really appreciate any consideration on this request. However, as I’ve been using the eyeX, I realize that I generally want the camera to be fixed until there is something worth looking at.

    I’ll be adding my support to an existing feature request that I believe will resolve the issues mentioned in this feature request and enable the eyeX to be as effective as possible in E:D, for me. (And that is without having to alter the maximum camera pitch/yaw based on current yaw/pitch respectively to achieve an elliptical view range or reverse the sensitivity slope based on distance from the user-set view angle limits)

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