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    +1 for linux drivers too, also for human/robot interaction work. We are a group of labs that are evaluating the EyeX right now to see if it can be integrated on our project. While we do have expensive gaze trackers (with glasses), the EyeX could open new possibilities for us. However, windows only driver is a major obstacle right now.

    Also, for people interested in human/robot interaction with EyeX, have a look at http://developer.tobii.com/community/forums/topic/eyex-gazesdk-and-monitor-less-calibration/#post-1600


    +1 for Linux drivers!

    Taylor Evanson

    +1 for Linux drivers, but I just found out about the Eye Tribe from @josh. I’ve waited for a while thinking Unix drivers are going to come around, it’s kind of ridiculous to think that something like this is going to catch on without multiplatform support haha… I’m kicking myself.

    Get more/better developers or this is going to get beaten out! Wish me luck on eBay.

    Henrik Dvergsdal

    We need OS X support as well. Currently setting up a test lab with EEG scanner, camera etc. on a Mac Pro. Making final decisions on hardware next week.


    I think that cross-platformity will be a great step towards new users. Personally, I need only Linux drivers, but I can clealy see the point of Mac users who can’t get EyeX so far.

    Mark Castle

    As it currently stands, is there anyway to access basic data from the EyeX (such as gaze coordinates) using Linux or any other operating system besides Windows?


    Hi Mark,
    the EyeX Controller device drivers are currently only available for Windows.

    We can offer the REX for use on other platforms, but not the EyeX Controller.

    Alistair MacDonald

    I would definitely have bought one of these Tobii Eye trackers too if it had OSX support. My guess would that the hold up on OSX is related to Apple Patents more than anything else. See: http://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2013/10/apple-files-eye-tracking-system-with-advanced-gaze-controls.html

    For now I’m also going to have to try the Eye Tribe and see how things go.


    +1 for osx

    Anthony Liot

    +1 for osx

    Norman Rhodes

    I understand that this is a new, innovative area, but for those of us who are Mac users with ALS, it isn’t good news that there are no drivers for this market leader. The worst of it is, the Parallels/Win option within the OS X environment doesn’t support EyeX due to hardware (USB3) / Parallels driver issues.

    I suppose we better wait until Apple surfaces with a brilliant solution. What a dissapointment… Next stop EyeTribe

    Eunji Ko

    +1 for osx!

    Aram Azhari

    I just tested this yesterday on a Surface Pro 3 computer and it works like a charm. But everyone at our company here in Canada have a Mac and it was a bummer that they were so eager to develop apps for this and find out it only supports windows.

    Even on windows it uses 80% cpu on my home computer and 40% cpu on that surface pro. Something’s wrong with its process in the memory and I’m not sure what’s the best way to targets this as I just clean installed the latest drivers.

    I also noticed it’s running a 32-bit process. What is that about ?

    My pc and EyeX engine process

    Jean Fabre


    I am also interested in OSX support. It’s very odd that cross platform is not something taken into account from the ground up.

    My projects are also scientific and not related to gaming, so the range of use of eyeX if was cross platform would be greater.




    I ordered my EyeX a couple of days ago. It arrived today. I have affixed it to my LCD.

    Only now do I realise it won’t run on OSX. It never even occurred to me.

    I can barely believe you people at Tobii. What are you thinking? I can’t believe you lack the resources to make this happen. At least provide a rudimentary driver that exposes raw data, and let the FOSS community put something together.

    I don’t care that I’ve wasted my money, even though it is quite a lot of money for me. I’m really upset that I won’t be able to use your tracking solution.

    I will have to go back to EyeTribe, which is not yet stable, doesn’t readily attach to LCD, doesn’t have quite enough tracking distance, and lacks precision.

    Please, this is not professional. I have 30 pieces of assistive hardware lying around, this is the first one that doesn’t plug and play on OSX.

    You are missing out on such a massive market by failing to support OSX and Linux. Putting in the cash and effort to provide this, it will surely come back many times over. If nothing else, it is a bizarre business-logic oversight.

    I am bitterly disappointed. I am disabled due to strain injuries from years of coding. A working eye tracker would have made a huge difference to my quality-of-life.

    Please can we have a timeline for OSX support.


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