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    Chris Birke

    Hiya! I’ve gotten an eyeX via GDC, and would love to start developing some unity apps and demos. Sadly I’m on OSX. =(

    Another vote for support.

    Please me know if there are any alternatives or methods I could use besides a windows vm.

    Chris Birke

    Sad Tobii EyeX cannot make unity demos because it’s owner only has a macbook pro…

    Aww =(


    I created an account just to chime in on this discussion and throw in another vote for linux drivers. I’m a developer for an embedded engineering firm and received a EyeX controller kit as a free gift with a new workstation that I just bought from newegg. What led me to this thread started from a search on ebay to determine how much I could sell this free gift for in order to recoup some of the cost of my new computer. Initially I thought that it was a neat idea, but seeing as it was only supported on windows, I had no interest exploring it any further. However, in my search I came across a demo video produced by Tobii and I really saw how neat this thing is. I exclusively develop in vim and detest having to move to the mouse, and I think with this kit, I could do away with my mouse for good….however, I also detest windows. Please consider supporting linux.


    Any company that exclusively targets windows for its hardware nowadays has doomed itself to irrelevancy.

    I suspect there will be something that will overtake Tobii quite quickly once the tech becomes more advanced. In the meantime, best we can do is wait.



    Any news about multi-plataform support?



    Aram Azhari

    @fabio I think you should give up on the progress report. We’ve tried for a couple of years now and it seems it doesn’t work on Tobii’s parent company.

    Mike Gladkowski

    +1 strong support for linux driver.

    I love my Tobii – fantastic on Windows 10 – but will be forced to try an Eye Tribe if they release a linux driver first.

    Nik Burnt

    +1 OSX request)


    +1 for Linux support, at least basic drivers; the community would make the rest

    Ali Mohammad

    Another vote for linux support. If you guys had it, I’d buy in a heartbeat.


    And yet another vote for linux support \o/ I’m a developper and pointing-assist on linux would be a huge productivity enhancement for me. Thanks.

    Kurt Wilson

    Another vote here. I dual boot on an Alienware 17R4 and can only use eye tracking on Windows


    just registered in order to determine the softare options for a given EyeX-Controller to be used for a research topic and found the only option currently available seems to be for a Windows environment…

    Dropped here from http://developer.tobii.com/community/forums/topic/eyex-on-linux/ in order to articulate i am hugely disappointed amid the outlook of having to run a fat closed system (desktop OS with all the shebang) just in order to grab the data stream from the EyeX. Windows IoT edition or “Core” would only gradually improve things…
    Come on, TOBII, embrace the developer scene beyond the desktop folks, and enter *IX, pleeeaasssse!
    LINUX would make me happy!

    Christopher Reay

    I suspect that military is putting pressure on eye tracking companies to *not* produce interface assist tools for the consumer market.

    over been watching this marketplace for fifteen years.

    tobii agree to being smart by pushing for the windows gaming market, and sidestepping the interface control market, because it creates to powerful a tool for the general public. e.g. like Facebook creates a “group discussion tool” that doesn’t work for groups larger than ten or twenty.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 63 total)
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