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    Has anyone seen or developed an OSC connection setup for the Tobii x2-60 ?

    I am an interactive artist and such a connection is essential for a series of projects using different platforms like MaxMSP, Pure Data Touch Designer, Isadora etc.

    Still if someone could guide me to a direction ?

    My programming skills need a lot of work and a lot of theoretical clarification in general but i dont mind giving it a try and learing… if somone has any guidelines…

    The thing is i have no idea where to start from

    Which SDK for the Tobii X2-60 should i use?
    I guess all the live streaming data (x & y positions ?) would be stored in some variables and then send as Osc messages using an OSC library for the platform (Python or C++) used.

    Thanks in advance


    David Hill

    i would like to use eyex this way too. did you find a way`?


    well i didnt find any solutions yet because i am working on other projects right now.. but!

    i got such a reply :


    The X2-60 connect be connected this way. It only works when connected to the Processing unit via USB amnd the unit to the computer via LAN connection, using appropriate drivers and software.
    What you try to acheive is not really related to eyetrcking analysis but more to interaction. The Analysis SDK is not the appropriate tool but more likely using the Gaze interaction SDK:

    The Tobii Eye Tracking SDK for .NET

    This SDK not being a Tobii Pro product I suggest you check the FAQs and the develloper community on the Tobii website:

    Best regards.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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