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    We just purchased an HTC VIVE pro eye to replace the old version device Tobii Pro VR. We noticed that “Tobii.XR” used in VIVE Pro eye is pretty similar to the old Tobii.Eyetracking we have been using with our VIVE Tobii eye tracker. Is there any document about how to transfer code from the old version Tobii Pro SDK to the New Tobii.XR SDK painlessly?
    We also have several quick questions like followings:
    1- Are the methods in TobiiXR.EyeTrackingData (new VIVE Pro eye) and Tobii.Eyetracking.LatestGazeData (for the old Tobill eye tracker) interchangeable? If so, we can use most of the existing codes we developed;

    2- We did not find the method for documenting pupil size; how can we get the data of pupils?

    Much thanks!

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @siqiyaoyao and thanks for your query. Unfortunately, the XR SDK is significantly different from the Tobii Pro SDK Unity Bindings with several distinctions including syntax and methods.

    Accordingly, conversion from projects written in the Pro SDK to XR SDK will require some manual editing I am afraid for which we do not currently have any official guide. We would recommend that you have a look at the included XR samples to get an idea of how the basic operations work and try to work backwards.

    If it’s possible to share your project on github or similar, we can take a further look and perhaps offer some suggestions.

    In addition, pupil size is not exposed in the XR SDK either, this is exclusive to the Pro SDK for the time being.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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