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    Burton Wong

    With the new announcements at GDC 2014, the new Unreal Engine 4 and Cry Engine have become very attractive options for indie developers. What are the chances that the Tobii can provide an SDK for those game engines?

    I’m currently planning to develop a game with your eye tracking device and i find it more favourable to develop it in Unreal than in Unity.

    Thanks in advance!


    Hi Burton,
    chances are good that there will be an EyeX SDK for the Unreal Engine — I just don’t know when, because there is plenty of other stuff on the to-do list as well. So stay tuned, we’ll post updates on the dev zone as soon as we have something that we can share.

    And the same goes for the Cry Engine as well. Of course we’d love to support them all, it’s just that we don’t have infinite crowds of developers.

    Joshua Haworth

    Is there any update on the Unreal plugin? I have seen multiple “coming soon” messages (including the youtube demo reel), but these are getting a month old or more. I have not used Unity or Unreal previously, so wondering if it is better to just jump into Unity now (that it is already supported) or worth waiting to use Unreal? Any thoughts from other developers on Unity v Unreal for incorporating the EyeX controller?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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