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    Our foundation works with disabled children with SMA syndrome. We need a number of simple applications to develop special abilities. The question #1 is: can simple games for EyeX be created with Adobe Flash/Animate? May be any driver or plugin exist to control eyeX inside action script?

    If such drivers doesn’t exists the question #2 is: is any eyex-mouse driver exist then can be started directly in command line before game and can be terminated after the game. I found MouseX driver but it impossible to use it because since it started you can’t even launch anything because of losing mouse control.

    Would be greatly appreciated for any help.

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @muxmux,

    I don’t think that the EyeX SDK directly with flash as there don’t appear to be any compatible bindings, certainly one can create an application that sits on top acting as a type of mouse as you suggested.

    There are already a number of premade applications that should suit your need. For example, EyeXMouse https://github.com/mikethrussell/EyeXMouse

    more are available.


    yes thank you! I already found EyeXMouse and it seems to be the only way. It can be called from batch script or via dos command function inside Animate and killed right before quitting.

    yy h

    I witnessed many times when using the “Mouse Warp” feature, that when calibration isn’t as perfect and precise, It would be very helpful if you add at “Mouse Warp features” the ability that mouse cursor should constantly move according to gaze! and when mouse gets on the “correct” location than user should be able to click any custom assigned hotkey to preform a click.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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