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    Hei Sogeki

    I love the new extended view! It centers easily to true center and there seems to be a virtual center that shifts the further from true center you go, which solves the issue with my camera panning too far from my HUD while tracing enemy ships.

    There’s still the pivot (vs pan) quirk while looking left and right at higher or lower camera angles. (Pivoting the camera left and right at 0 vertical camera tilt looks natural and it’s identical to panning the camera left and right, but when the camera is tilted up or down, the same pivoting looks unnatural.)(Maybe “panning” isn’t accurate, but there is something different about the camera movement at different angles.)

    But, this weird movement may just be due to Elite Dangerous’s head look system.

    Still, with ExtendedView, this unnatural camera movement is less noticeable as the camera doesn’t run all the way up to the point most sensitive to the pivoting.

    Anyway, I am requesting that the scalar of this virtual center (or whatever property makes ExtendedView different from FreeView) be adjustable. This is mostly so I can fine tune the range it moves so I can read my panels in Elite Dangerous without having to “focus” them. Looking a panels edge that is closest to true center currently swings the camera back in a little and shuts the hologram off.

    Thanks for the updates!

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @heisogeki, thanks for your suggestion! I will be create the appropriate feature request and raise it at the next developer meeting to be considered for a future release.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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