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    I’m currently using the StreamEngine with the appropriate license and the Tobii.GameIntegration.dll

    1) In the Tobii.GameIntegration, when I subscribe to gaze data there are 3 options.
    “TobiiSubscriptionStandardGaze”, “TobiiSubscriptionFoveatedGaze” and “TobiiSubscriptionWearableData”.
    What is the difference between them and what is the use cases for each?

    2) In the current Tobii_stream_engine, we get a few calibration commands. There is a few functions that I’m curious how to use. tobii_calibration_discard_data_2d and tobii_calibration_parse. When should I use those?

    3) When doing tobii_calibration_start, what happens if we do not immediately call tobii_calibration_clear? Will all calibrations be combined together into one large “generic” calibration?

    Alex [Tobii]


    Regarding Tobii.GameIntegration.dll. This dll is our internal API that might change a lot in the future. That’s why it was never released standalone but only as part of Tobii Unity SDK. If you are using Unity the best would be to stick to the public api provided in TobiiAPI class.

    If you are willing to run calibration inside Unity and you have an appropriate license for it, please send me pm and I will send you Tobii Unity SDK package with calibration sample. In that version Stream Engine calibration functions are reexported in Tobii.GameIntegration.dll and you don’t longer need to use two APIs in parallel.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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