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    We’re sorry to see that some of you are experiencing problems when trying to install vJoy. We depend on this third party software but we cannot fix (by altering the source code) these vJoy-problems ourselves. We have also not been able to reproduce this problem ourselves but we’re working hard on finding a solution to this issue.

    The best advice we can give you as of now is to try the following:

    – Make sure that you do not have a previous installation of vJoy (check under Program and Features). Uninstall and reboot if you do.

    – Unplug any game controllers currently connected (joysticks, steering wheels, gamepads, etc) before installation.

    – During the vJoy-installation. Uncheck all of the the “Companion Applications” (Demo vJoy Feeder application, vJoy Configuration application, vJoy Monitoring application) before continuing the installation.

    – After you’ve installed the Infinite Screen Extension and had the vJoy installer fail – download and install any another version higher than 2.0.5 of vJoy (Infinite Screen Extension installs vJoy 2.1.6). It’s available for download here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/vjoystick/files/Beta%202.x/
    (again, unchecking the optional vJoy-components during installation has been know to sometimes help).

    If all else fails, have a look at the vJoy forum. The vJoy author is very helpful and usually very active on these forum. http://vjoystick.sourceforge.net/site/index.php/forum/4-Help
    (Note: Please do not take this as us trying to shift the responsibility of these problems onto vJoy. This is purely a matter of me trying to point you in the best possible direction that will hopefully help you resolve this issue until we can find a proper solution.)

    I hope this helps.

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