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    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @ar2r,

    I have tried to find someone with the issue you are having however when it comes to ASMedia chipset as you pointed out, there are many issues and consequently we warn users against this. That being said, you mentioned that the eye tracker behaved somewhat similarly on another (Intel) system. could you kindly show the event logs when the eye tracker is used on the system please? If they are the same if may indicate that unfortunately there is a physical problem with the tracker. So, kindly let me know. Thanks.


    So, after some investigation on device found – mini usb port on the tracker has bad connection, after some manipulations fixed.
    i think, ye should know about issue with mini usb on Tobii tracker.


    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi Artrhur, thanks for the update. I shall pass along your concerns regarding the usb port… I assume it required some adhesive or putty to hold the port in place to ensure a stable connection?

    Ovidiu C [Tobii]

    Hi Arthur,

    I would like you ask you a couple of questions to be able to get some clarity on what the problem was:
    What are the manipulations that you performed to get this fixed?
    Have you tried with a new cable as well and got the same problems?
    Was an USB Hub used or was the tracker directly connected to an USB 3.0 port?

    Thank you!

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @ar2r, It sounds like you have gone exhaustively through all the major steps such as BIOS and Chipset update, disabling firewall/antivirus, rolling back to restore point and even trying on another system. At this stage, I would recommend you contact Tobii Tech support directly who can determine the appropriate course of action such as replacing the unit.

    You can reach them @ https://help.tobii.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


    Hi, pressed a bit usb cable end did same on tobii input, it worked just for this day. but next day it become broken again. just to say, eyetracker was not moved, or detached lots of time, it was attached to PC once device bin received, and was not moved till it become unresponsive.
    as you did not response correctly what i should do to at this point, i just ordered new usb wire to exclude faulty wire. after this i was thinking to bring device to some work shop, to check the device output and resolder the input. but while you suggest to contact tobii tech service i will do that after checking with new wire…

    Ovidu C, answers for your 1 and 2 question read above, 3 – i have and hub and direct 3.0 ports, and intel and asmedia.


    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi Arthur, sorry for your experiences thus far.. did you get anywhere with the new wire? Thanks for the update.


    My Tobii has just arrived and I am very happy for the speed with which he arrived.
    Unfortunately I have the same problem as Arthur, the error comes out:

    “USB connection problem. We are sorry but the eye tracker seems to have difficulties communicating with this USB3.0 port. Make sure that device is properly connected. If the problem persists, please see our FAQ or contact support. ”

    I could tell from the sound of my PC that when I connect the Tobii it sounds as if it was connected and disconnected again and again. Probably the fault is the cable.

    Any specifications to buy the cable please.

    Thank you



    I did not give up! And I did everything I read above, in the help and something else.
    – Update all USB 3.0 drivers on my PC and the same error appeared.
    – Reinstall the software and get the same error.
    – Connect the Tobii and restart the PC with the Tobii connected and the same error came out.
    – Plug in and unplug once, again and again the Tobii from the PC and backwards … and connected!

    I am happy ! =D

    PS: I think it did not connect because as the cable is new, it must have some material on the pins and that when connecting and disconnecting again and again, this material was removed. Something similar to the pins of agunos microcontrollers.

    Thank you.

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @womyx, thank you for the update, Glad to hear you got it working!


    Hi Grant,

    finally i got new wire from Tobii, thanks to you and to Darren(he was very helpful over email). it connecting now to tracker and tracker is working, but difficult to bypass validation.. basically it works now with all USB’s inputs which i have on my PC including ASMedia chipset.
    it does not picking up my look to upper left or upper right corners. managed to bypass initial validation by looking a good bit(about 4-5 cm) higher the actual point is… did calibration over other app, it looks much better now, and looks like it third party app picking up correct look points, but default Tobii calibration still not correct..

    any suggestions whom i can ask what is happening?


    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi Arthur (@ar2r) glad to hear you got this working at last!

    When it comes to issues with calibration in troublesome corners, it’s worth looking at environmental factors such as the eye trackers proximity to sources of IR radiation like open windows, intense light sources such as spotlights, etc.

    If possible, try calibrating in different parts of your house in different lighting conditions to see the effect it has on trackability.

    How is the actual accuracy following regular Tobii calibration?


    I have a slightly different iteration of this issue and wonder if you can help. I purchased a third party shorter cable to try to overcome the fact I have a 4 inch gap from tracker to USB port and a 1.8m cable! I plugged in the cable and it did not work and I got the USB connection error message, but now even when I use the original cable I get that message, but only in that USB port on this machine. All other combinations of tracker, cable and port on laptop and desktop are fine, only this one that I once plugged a bad cable into are affected. THe port works just fine for everything else, I can’t see that the wrong cable damaged the port or anything, it just didn’t work, but that is now permanent, which is rather annoying. Any suggestions? I uninstalled everything including drivers but it still does it.

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @roserodent, sorry to hear about your problem.. that sounds like a rather serious issue with this third party cable itself.

    I understand that this particular USB port does not work at all under any circumstance regardless of cable or device? This being the case, it seems that the third party USB cable has either physically damaged the connectors (can you inspect this?) or short circuited the connectors.

    Certainly, this is the first I have heard of such an issue. Might be worth googling this USB cable to see if the problem has been reported elsewhere. Does windows device manager report any errors with connected harddware?

    Andreas Nielsen


    “We are sorry but the eye tracker seems to have difficulties communicating with this USB3.0 port”

    I have changed the cable and tried other ports, what could be the issue here?

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