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    EyeX for Windows and Windows Control software for PCEye is quite similar. The big difference though is that in the PCEye software uses mono-modal interaction where the eyes are used both for pointing and “clicking”. In EyeX for Windows, only the “pointing” part (without moving any mouse cursor or such) is done by the eyes, while the “clicking” is done by keyboard, mouse or other explicit input method.

    I’m sorry for digging up this old thread, but I’m wondering if EyeX for Windows has any means to potentially do mono-modal interaction also?

    As I understand, PCEye has a lot more accuracy than the EyeX, so using the eyes as the sole input with the PCEye is easier. However, there seems to be an indication that the precision of EyeX could, with the right software functions, be adequate for mono-modal interaction as it’s already being entrusted to be the “pointer” in EyeX for Windows.


    Robert [Tobii]


    The EyeX for Windows software is designed for multi-modal use as a complement to keyboard, mouse, touchpad or other hand-based input. We have no intent of adapting it for mono-modal use at the moment, but a third-party developer could potentially build a separate software to accomplish this, for example by using eye-based input to generate activation events for EyeX for Windows. The precision should be enough, especially since EyeX for Windows is context-aware and can snap to clickable objects etc.


    Thanks a lot for the info.


    “…when we release EyeX for Windows it will handle most common desktop applications, web browsers and web apps.”

    So what is the status pls of EyeX for Windows going forward? All the applications I want to use EyeX in (games essentially) are not responding to the input.

    Robert [Tobii]

    The EyeX for Windows version currently online is in an early stage, and not adapted for so many applications yet. The focus for EyeX for Windows is desktop apps where the mouse pointer can be manipulated by the regular Windows API.

    However, many games are overriding the standard mouse behavior, which makes it hard for EyeX for Windows to use all the features. A function that works in all games would be nice, but it would probably be added to a separate application.

    To send feedback about EyeX for Windows, please use the Send Feedback button in the EyeX settings panel. Read more.


    Hi! Is it possible to use my EyeX controller with Windows Control software for PCEye?


    Hi Mauricio,
    I’m sorry but the Windows Control software from TobiiDynavox isn’t compatible with the EyeX Controller, at least not for the time being.

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