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    +1, at least a driver, not necessarily all the bells and whistles (stream, navigation, train functionalities… )

    robin mcgin

    I also need a driver for Linux.
    A program called talon has somehow got it working.
    Anyone know how?


    I just get rid of spying-Windows-11 system and managed to install and start working and gaming on Linux
    I tried playing StarCitizen and cannot make the Tobii EyeTracker 5 to work
    Dear Tobii – please help us by delivering drivers or any way for us to help you in developing such drivers
    Indeed as above user mentioned Talon seems to work with Tobii ET 5 so it seems very doable
    Please please please


    You know, if drivers were released as open source the community would do most of the work for free…


    Hi, I’m a software developer and would love to see some very basic support for Linux. I was ready to buy Tobii 5 today to help with my work but seeing it has no Linux support whatsoever (other than the SDK with no specified price) I gave up – it is a deal breaker for me to have at least a basic functionality with say C/C++/Python Linux API available (no need for any advanced functions, just the basics!). I would also be happy to pay a small fee for the Linux drivers for my home use.

    Erich Grillitsch

    Sad – they don’t even answer anymore.
    No money behind a few linux users…

    Hongbin Zou

    @erzee @mikek @reezlaw Linux users should do it yourselves, right? Talon is out there so it IS possible. If you really need it, then why not?


    Hi All,
    I started asking Tobii via ticketing system before I found this thread:

    Oscar (Tobii):
    “We are sorry that our Eye Tracker 5 is not compatible with Linux system.
    And for now we do not have any plans for Linux support in the future. But we will send your ideas to our voice of customers.”


    So unfortunatelly I cannot use it for what I bought it for – playing Star Citizen.
    Now, unfortunatelly I regrety buying. I had lots of fun in Windows and now I have to decide – go back to windows for Tobii or stay in Linux and use PC without eye tracker 🙁

    I hopeed there will be a way to use it under Wine at least
    Right now the linux gaming is on the rise. Steam Deck is making some impact here.
    I do hope you reconsider going into linux

    And also consider adding Face over IP for your products – that would be awesome

    There is a thread about Linux support. https://developer.tobii.com/community/forums/topic/tobii-eye-tracker-5-on-linux/page/2/#post-21776
    Please keep it alive, ask some engaged developers to reply, and maybe help the community to solve the linux support for you…”

    Oscar again:
    “Of course we would like to have more people to enjoy the experience with our tracker under different systems, but since it is designed based on the Windows system, it will be very difficult for us to have it been compatible with Linux system.

    But still, we will add your voice to the Voice of Customer to see if we could have it realized one day in the future.

    Thanks for the support and understand.”

    We need Tobii Eye Tracker users from under linux to push here and maybe finally someone will find a way.
    Also I keep thinking that it might be working under Wine maybe… Somehow….
    If someone from community finds a way – please comment here

    I didn’t manage to make Talon working…..

    Adam Brunnmeier

    Talon is closed source but works well. The talon API looks like this:

    class TobiiEC(USBDevice, Tracker):
        vendor: str
        devs: Dict[ffi.CData, TobiiEC]
        topic_to_enum: Any
        enum_to_topic: Any
        geom: Geom
        streams: Set[int]
        stream_types: Dict[int, Dict]
        name: Any
        model: Any
        bus: Any
        addr: Any
        handle: Any
        serial: str
        connecting: bool
        def __init__(self, dev: ffi.CData, name: str, vid: int, pid: int, bus: int, addr: int) -> None: ...
        def topics(self) -> Sequence[str]: ...
        version: Any
        xconfig: Any
        def connect(self) -> None: ...
        def check_error(self) -> None: ...
        def register_first(self, topic: str) -> None: ...
        def unregister_last(self, topic: str) -> None: ...
        def cmd(self, cmd: int, *args: Any) -> Any: ...
        def enumerate_streams(self) -> None: ...
        def label_stream(self, cmd: int, b: Dict) -> Dict: ...
        def display_setup(self, width: float, height: float, offx: float) -> None: ...
        def display_setup_diag(self, diag: float, aspect: float, offx: float) -> None: ...
        def on_stream(self, typ: int, cmd: int, ebuf: ffi.CData, ts: float) -> None: ...
        def close(self, shutdown: bool = ...) -> None: ...
        def detached(self) -> None: ...
    class EyeFrame:
        name: str
        validity: int
        detected: int
        pupil: float
        gaze: Point2d
        gaze3d: Point3d
        rel: Point3d
        pos: Point3d
        def __init__(self, b: Dict, eye: str) -> None: ...
        def __bool__(self): ...
    class GazeFrame:
        left: EyeFrame
        right: EyeFrame
        tracker: TobiiEC
        gaze: Optional[Point2d]
        ts: float
        num: int
        def __init__(self, b: Dict, num: int): ...
        def __iter__(self) -> Iterator[EyeFrame]: ...
        def __bool__(self): ...
    class PresenceFrame:
        tracker: TobiiEC
        present: bool
        ts: float
        num: int
        def __init__(self, b: Dict, num: int) -> None: ...
        def __bool__(self): ...
    class TobiiHeadModel:
        accel: PointFilter
        history: list[GazeFrame]
        last_ts: float
        def __init__(self) -> None: ...
        def __call__(self, frame: GazeFrame) -> Optional[Point6d]: ...
    class TobiiECWrapper(TobiiEC):
        present: bool
        frame: int
        head_model: Any
        def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs) -> None: ...
        def topics(self) -> Sequence[str]: ...
        def dispatch(self, topic: str, *args): ...

    There is an implementation of controlling the mouse with another closed source talon plugin: https://github.com/knausj85/knausj_talon/blob/master/code/mouse.py

    Steve Andrews

    Just popping this back up. I love the EndeavourOS distro and am never going back to Windows as all the peripherals and apps I use and games I play work perfectly there. Literally the ONLY thing that doesn’t work is the Tobii 5, so it is a useless monitor ornament at the moment.

    Please consider at least a Linux driver. Or open source the SDK and the Linux community would happily create the necessary software.

    The Linux for gaming market is getting much larger and that number is only going to increase as people begin to discover how nice and easy to use some of these new Linux distros are. Thanks for your consideration.


    I see lots of responses from the Dev team about Linux not being supported, but I will add my 2 cents. Linux support is leaving out quite a few enthusiasts in the market. many of us spend thousands on Star Citizens (concierge) to get the ships and experience we want and are definitely willing to invest in eye tracking technology for a decent price.

    Again, adding myself into this conversation to show interest in a linux API or software support for Tobii eye tracker 5 support.


    Leaving a comment adding myself to the recipient list. Bought the eye tracker 5 some time ago to start playing around with what works in Linux, yet to dig properly though. I’d really like to see official support. Thanks!

    Maru Alka

    I own a Tobii Eye Tracker 5. I bought it a while ago, and it’s the only thing keeping me from switching to Linux on my Desktop computer. While I want to use Linux for better productivity, I also think that with more and more Linux (Steamdeck) and Android based gaming devices, support for Linux systems makes sense!

    Maru Alka

    Just now, Google announced support for Steam in ChromeOS (Beta), which is another Linux client. Afaik, Chromebooks are rather popular, and Steam is a major platform for Tobii-enabled games!

    Johanna Hui

    + 1 for Eye Tracker 5 mac support

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