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    I am new in tobii eyex sdk development and i want to know that can i use tobii eyex gaze data to navigate mouse cursor.
    I am using tobii sdk 1.2 for python and currently facing issues to get eye coordinates or gaze data.

    Any help in this regard will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @shahza, certainly within the older Tobii EyeX SDK v1.2 (Which is now deprecated) or with the new Tobii Core SDK, there is no inbuilt means to control the mouse cursor directly although with the Tobii Gaze Interaction Software as bundled with the Eye Tracker itself you have such features as ‘mouse warp’ which work together with your regular mouse for an enhanced user experience.

    You should consider there are several issues when trying to fully emulate the mouse via Eye Tracking such as the
    inherently ‘noisy’ signal from EyeGaze due to small natural movements in the eye and the inability to resolve millimetre level of locations which are necessary for using a mouse in a standard Windows Environment (ie not using large button, etc).

    However, that being said there are a great many 3rd party applications which have been developed that use the EyeX and C4 Tracker for mouse emulation such as PrecisionGazeMouse, Project IRIS, etc.

    However, I suspected you wanted to develop your own software? In that case, I found for you an open source
    mouse replacement project which is based on the old SDK which you are currently using @ https://github.com/mikethrussell

    Hopefully this information is of use to you!


    Hi @Grant!
    I am thankful to you on providing me a wonderful information to develop my own software to replace mouse.
    Actually i want to navigate mouse cursor on a windows form application. For that reason i am working with tobii’s python sdk 1.2.
    I have checked that my eyex is capable to get gaze data but when i subscribe the gaze data and try to print its values then it shows me nothing.

    Can you help me in this regard? I have been looking for multiple examples and have passed through the last example which you referred me already. But not succeeded yet.

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @shahza, I just want to confirm that you are referring to this SDK?


    This is in fact only compatible with the Tobii Pro range of eye trackers, and is not compatible with the Tobii C4 or EyeX Tracker except without a special licence which is purchasable seperately.

    Indeed, this forum is intended only for the Tobii Tech range of eye trackers and associated SDK, so it would be great if you could kindly confirm which hardware and software you are operating with. Thanks.


    Hi @Grant!
    Thanks again for correcting me. I am currently using Tobii EyeX with tobii python sdk which is tobii pro sdk version.

    And got your point that i need a seprate special license for tobii EyeX.

    I want to know a bit more that would i be able to get eye gaze co-ordinates after purchasing the special license for tobii EyeX.

    If yes then please tell me the way to purchase the license and it would be grate if you can share some examples too.

    Special Thanks

    Kind Regards,
    Shahzad Younas

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @shahza, okay thanks for the clarification.

    That indeeds explains the problems you have been facing, as the Pro SDK
    cannot access EyeX without appropriate licence files.

    Accordingly, please get in touch with the licencing department
    [email protected] who will be able to provide you with a quote.

    Once you receive the special files, the included Python samples should
    operate simply without a problem!

    That being said, I would encourage you to check out the
    Tobii Core SDK that is designed for use with the EyeX which
    you can download for free @


    This SDK comes with a great deal of included samples and documentation
    to get you up and running.

    I appreciate its not Python, but still I would say worth having
    a look at whilst you wait for resolution on the Pro SDK licence 🙂


    Hi @Grant!
    Given email is invalid and i replaced the email with [email protected] but still i have’nt got any response from the tobii team.
    Please guide me if i am wrong. Thanks

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @shahza, apologies for the delay in your response. Please kindly PM your private email address with a copy of your original message and I will ensure your query is answered promptly.

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